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Housing Solution Specialists


I had no idea that I could sell my house without going the normal route with a real estate agent. Don was knowledgeable about every detail of the process and made sure I had everything I needed throughout every step of the way. DSK was the right choice when I was selling my house.
-Jeff S.

Who We Are

Your Housing Solution Specialists

We are “Housing Solution Specialists” ready to identify the Best Solution for your Real Estate when a change in your life is apparent. These times can be difficult and stressful. Our team is structured to make any transition as uneventful as possible, but also with as many dollars to you as possible. By combining Real Estate expertise with sound financial advice, we will help you develop a plan that will work best for you. Our Specialties Include Housing, Financial Advice, Trust Recommendations, and Partnering.

We Offer an Alternative

We offer an alternative to just selling your home through your Real estate Agent as your first choice: Good Real Estate Planning is about having a TEAM around you. Your lawyer, Your Accountant, Your Financial advisor, a trustee and your Real Estate specialist. We have a Registered Investment Advisor that knows how to place important team members around you. YOUR TEAM will work together for your best interests, and this may include New Trust Ideas or simply the need to have one. This could even include a Charitable Trust if “ZERO TAX” is your desired goal.


Why We Do This

Too many have told us, “I wish I would have known about DSK HOUSING SOLUTIONS before I sold my property”. We offer solutions that provide more dollars in your bank. We take great pride in helping seniors achieve the correct solutions for their particular need.

Why Choose DSK Capital?


DSK is your Housing Solutions Specialist. We take care of all the details so you can relax and focus on more important things. We understand that our clients are usually in a hurry to get things taken care of, so we promise to always be good stewards of your time. We will be ready to move as quickly or as slowly on your project as you want.

We Can Buy Your House …. FAST!
When you deal with us, we handle all of the paperwork. We skip over the usual inspections and snags, so we can close at a mutually agreeable time. Plus, we have our funding lined up and ready to go before we even discuss your house. We are professionals and know how to navigate the transaction process with the least amount of hassle or time wasted.
If you think we can help you, thoroughly fill out the following form, and submit it to us promptly. The sooner you get us the details, the sooner we can help.

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